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OK... let's see. Look at it this way.

Standards are often mistaken for something that “standardise” us, that somehow take away our freedom, or something that will not allow us to really address our own individuality.

Nothing could be far from the actual reality of what standards - good standards - are about. Trains use standard gauges and that give us the freedom to use the train to move through many countries.

Mobile phone use the common standards, and these give us the freedom of using our mobile wherever we go.

But even more than this... languages are basically standards. They're made of a set of terms, vocabulary, and set of rules about how to put them together - grammar - and it is only because we all abide to them... say, the vocabulary and grammar of the English language, that you are able understand me now.

So “standards” are not there to prevent our freedom/creativity/individuality, on the contrary.

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