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When we began to think about the need of a “common standard” in 2005, there were just a few parliaments that had began to use XML, but their focus was very much self-centred.

It responded to their own needs and concerns as if the issue of global access sharing of information and reuse of documents were not really relevant for them.

But there has been an initiative of the European Parliament, ParlML, unfortunately terminated in 2003 because it was too … smart for that time, that did see need for a common standard.

European Parliament was like our project - it had to deal with all the parliaments of a whole continent. So they were able to perceive before everyone else that this was a critical opportunity: to provide global access and allow easy sharing of documents with external systems.

ParlML has to be considered the precursor of Akoma Ntoso, since it had laid out the goals of what we have eventually achieved with Akoma Ntoso.

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